As the new leader of the GHACF, I’m honored to kick off the new year at your community foundation. We’re getting ready to launch our new strategic plan—a plan the Board and team have worked on for the past two years. While our mission won’t change, our thought process and their outcomes will be more aligned to how we want to make a difference moving forward.

We look forward to implementing this new strategic plan, which is dedicated to inspiring greater philanthropy, proactively stewarding investments, and focusing our grantmaking to ensure positive community impact. This is a continuation of the great work we’ve done for the past 48 years, and we will continue to lead with compassion and integrity.

This past year was an exciting year of change. 2018 began with a new outlook on how we affect change and how we think about ourselves as an organization. Transitioning from the word “nonprofit” to “for-impact” is more than just a buzzword—it means changing the way we think and, when necessary, having tough conversations throughout our region to determine where we can make a difference.

In the spring we awarded almost half a million dollars in scholarships, and by year-end we granted just over $8 million to organizations in our communities. (Read about our grants here, here, and here.) Our annual report gave an in-depth look at work-force housing, how changes in reading requirements could affect our children, and the great things our Youth Advisory Council is doing in our community. (click to download)

The team and I look forward to working together with all of our collaborative partners to continue meeting the ever-changing needs of the community. All of the work that we do is a result of being well supported by our community, and we thank you for that.  

I invite you to connect with me or anyone on the team to learn more.

You can find our email addresses on the Meet the Team page.