Community Wish List

Interested in making a positive difference in our community, but not sure how or where you can contribute? We’re here to help.

The Community Wish List at the Grand Haven Area Community Foundation was established to support our for-impact partners’ projects and programming and to assist our donors and fundholders by more easily connecting them to local charitable giving opportunities.  

Wishes can include support for supplies, program and project expansion, professional development, general operations, or any other non-immediate request. Requests may not go toward individuals or in any way benefit a donor. 

Please consider funding one or more items from our Community Wish List. We plan to reach out to area for-impact organizations in the spring and fall to find out if they have specific things to add to the list. We will then compile these items into our Community Partner Wish List, which we will post here and share with our Donor Advised Fund holders. 

Feel free to look for organizations and/or causes that are of interest to you and that you may want to support Below is a one page snapshot of all active wishes, as well as an in-depth spreadsheet with further details on each organization’s wish.

For donors/fundholders: If you have a Donor Advised Fund, please contact either Chris Riker or Adrienne Whisman to recommend a grant from your fund.If you don’t have a fund at the Grand Haven Area Community Foundation, you can give directly to the nonprofit. Please be sure to let the nonprofit and us know you saw the wish on our Community Wish List. Whether a grant from a Donor Advised Fund or a contribution from a donor, every contribution supports our community partners.  Partial funding is easy to facilitate, simply indicate which item(s) you would like to support!

If you have any questions on the status of a wish, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

For nonprofitsIf you’re interested in learning more or submitting a project, please contact Adrienne Whisman for information on the process and application guidelines. We invite submissions in March and September.   

Examples of potential wishes include funding for: 

  • Office supplies (e.g. internet access, software, furniture, technology, etc.) 
  • Basic needs (e.g. hygiene, food, shelter, access to resources, etc.) 
  • Transportation costs 
  • Signage and marketing materials 
  • Literacy program expansion 
  • Fundraising tools 
  • Community mailers and promotional materials 
  • Mental health pamphlets 
  • Community events 
  • Virtual conferences