Trustees Emeritus

In 1971, twelve visionary community leaders each gave $100 to launch the Grand Haven Area Community Foundation. Their dream was to create a permanent community endowment—one that would be built over time by gifts and bequests from individuals, families and organizations. Now, almost 50 years later, that dream is still being realized.

Today, it is our continuing mission to provide funding to programs that support every corner of Northwest Ottawa County, and make life in our community better for all. Our priorities are threefold: to help our donors realize their philanthropic goals; to better our community with grants for meaningful, necessary projects; and to collaborate with other regional partners to create overall community good and expand our philanthropic reach.

The first meeting of the Foundation’s incorporators was held on June 3, 1971. The incorporators—Paul Johnson, Miller Sherwood, Gene Olsen, Ed Baas, Edgar Garrison, Gene Rothi, and Jacob Ponstein—asked local governing officials, bank trust officers, judges, and school superintendents to appoint the first Foundation Trustees.

They appointed the following individuals:

Vin Erickson, President
Miller Sherwood, Vice-President
John Carlyle, Secretary/Treasurer
Dottie Johnson
Ruben Sturkol
Ida Mae Schaafsma
Moira Allen
William Van Slooten
John Montgomery
Ed Dahlstrom

The GHACF is where it is today because of the men and women who’ve served on our board. We’re thankful for their passion, dedication, and service. The following list represents individuals who have served on the GHACF board.

Moira Allen*

Donald R. Anderson

Leonard Anderson

Gary Baas*

Tammy Bailey

Jeff Beswick

Calvin Bosman

Paul J. Boyink*

Richard Briegel

Melinda Brink

Chad D. Bush

John C. Carlyle

Carol Cousineau

Kennard Creason

William M. Creason*

Tom Creswell

Edward Dahlstrom*

Dennis Dornbush

James Doss

Mary Eagin

E.V. Erickson*

Mary Jane Evink

Kenneth Formsma

Edward Hanenburg

Nancy Hanenburg

Randy Hansen

Kenneth Harestad*

Bud Hoffman

Sandy Huber

George A. Jackoboice*

Lana Jacobson

Mary Jacobson

Dorothy Johnson

F. Martin Johnson*

Holly Johnson

Susan Jonas

Mark Kleist

James MacLachlan

Peter G. Manting*

Mike McKeough

Donna B. Meeusen*

Donnell Mersereau

John M. Montgomery*

Darell Moreland

Steve Moreland

George Pardee*

Tim Parker

Ted Parker

Edward R. Post

Shirley Poulton

John Randall*

Aileen Redeker

Thomas R. Reinsma

Gerald V. Retzlaff

Gail Ringelberg

Charles Rycenga, Jr.*

James C. Sawyer*

Ida Mae Schaafsma*

David H. Seibold

Helene D. Sherwood*

Lynne Sherwood*

Marion A. Sherwood*

Miller G. Sherwood*

Sheila Steffel

Ruben W. Sturkol

Bonnie Suchecki

Robert N. Swart

Kenneth D. Terpstra

Paul M. Trap

Doris Van Dam*

William VanSlooten*

Gary L. Verplank*

L.J. “Midge” Verplank

Monica Verplank

Michael A. Volkema

Ronald R. Whitehouse

Marcia Witherell

Kim Zevalkink

*notes deceased