For the last eight years, the Dorothy A. Johnson Center for Philanthropy at Grand Valley State University has published an 11 Trends in Philanthropy Report. Key highlights from this year’s edition include that Donor Advised Funds are one of the fastest-growing philanthropic vehicles. These accounts allow donors to contribute funds, receive immediate tax benefits, and recommend grants to their favorite charities over time. 

The GHACF holds 775 funds – 28% of them are DAFs. A primary advantage of opening a DAF at GHACF is the direct impact on the local community, as well as access to the Foundation’s knowledgeable staff. Through our last donor survey, we know that donors enjoy the administrative convenience, cost savings and tax advantages from working with us.

Additional highlights:  

  • Record-breaking impact: Last year, Grand Haven Area Community Foundation DAF advisors granted $6.8 million to charities. 
  • Support Local Nonprofits: DAFs administered by GHACF provide a steady stream of support to local nonprofits. Donors can recommend grants to organizations addressing community needs, from education and healthcare to arts and culture. 
  • Investing Capital for Good: The GHACF accepts a variety of donated assets and invests them to ultimately improve our community. It is the mission of the GHACF to enhance the quality of life for all by working together to collectively address challenges and opportunities throughout West Michigan. 

To open a DAF, please contact Chris Riker or Abby Reeg on our Advancement & Donor Services team.