Our annual publication is now available! Our theme this year is Inspiring Philanthropy, and we’re excited to share how we’ve inspired philanthropy in our community over the past year.

We’re redefining philanthropy to include time, talent, treasure, and ties, because it’s not about how much you give, but how deeply you care.

2018 was an exciting year of change for the foundation. We began the year with a new outlook on how we affect change and how we think about ourselves as an organization. Transitioning from the word “nonprofit” to “for-impact” is more than just a buzzword—it means changing the way we think and, when necessary, having tough conversations throughout our region to determine where we can make a difference.

Inside the report, we highlight six grants from the past year, how YAC is continuing to empower youth, countless new funds, and we take a look at three long-term initiatives and how they’re impacting our community.

If you didn’t receive one over the weekend, we have copies in our office. You can also  view it online or download a PDF.