Professional advisors play a critically important role in our success and our ability to continue positively impacting our community.

So what is a professional advisor?

There are a number of professions that fall under the label we often refer to as professional advisors—lawyers, financial advisors, accountants—and the key thing they have in common is advising individuals or organizations on how to manage their assets.

How does the GHACF partner with Professional Advisors?

We strive to intentionally establish and maintain genuine relationships with local professional advisors, and we aim to serve as a trusted resource that helps tailor giving plans ideally suited for current and prospective donors who have charitable intent.

Good things happen when professional advisors ask their clients if they have charitable intent.

As experts in philanthropy and serving as your personal connection to the charitable needs of Northwest Ottawa County, the GHACF partners and supports professional advisors and current/prospective donors in:

  • Devising charitable strategies that help community members make informed decisions.
  • Structuring gift agreements that meet community member’s charitable goals.
  • Managing the transfer of a variety of gifts (from simple to complex) that include; securities, real estate, qualified retirement plans, life insurance, and more.

We remain committed to:

  • Providing timely and accurate information.
  • Possessing first-hand experience.
  • Making your charitable giving experience efficient, effective and rewarding.
  • Assisting with identifying philanthropic vehicles and approaches that result in maximum tax advantages for donors, while also helping donors fulfill their charitable wishes and planning goals.

One aspect of our work at the community foundation is holding and managing funds for people and organizations like you. Some are created to benefit local nonprofit organizations, while others help students go to college—but all are created by someone with a dream to help make our corner of Michigan better.

If you are a professional advisor and would like to know more about working with us, contact Chris Riker at, or check out our Professional Advisor Resources.