As many know, 2021 marked the Grand Haven Area Community Foundation’s 50th year of service. When our founders first envisioned establishing the Foundation with an initial collective investment of $1,200 in 1971, they couldn’t have imagined where their foresight would someday lead. Thanks to that vision and investment, ongoing generous support, and a talented network of partners, the Foundation has become a trusted organization that has positively impacted so much in Northwest Ottawa County.  

We spent the year recounting many events and experiences that have made up the past 50 years. By doing this, our team had several opportunities to reflect on the impact of those who came before us. As our 50th celebration concludes, we want to extend our most sincere gratitude to those who paved the way for this organization. Because of the vision, generosity, and partnerships over the past five decades, we are now one of the largest community foundations in the state. The fact that GHACF has endured and thrived is a testament to just how special Northwest Ottawa County remains.  

Every day, our team gets a firsthand look at the wonder of our area through our partnerships with local organizations, municipalities, donors, fund holders, for profit companies and more. While we’re always grateful for the work we’re able to do, 2021 allowed us to take a moment to reflect and appreciate the interconnectedness of our community.  

Even amidst a global pandemic, we found a way to safely celebrate together. Thank you to all who took part in our community events over the past year. 

The love we felt from the community during our year of celebrations was truly remarkable, and we can feel the continued momentum. Over the past 50 years, our foundation has accomplished some miraculous feats that have been brought to life thanks to the collaboration and generosity of our community.  Our slogan for this celebration was “Look at what we’ve done. Imagine what we can do, together.” We spent the past year deep diving into what we’ve accomplished. Now, with our next 50 years launching, it’s time for us to focus our efforts on imagining what we can accomplish together next. 

It’s an honor to be part of the Grand Haven Area Community Foundation, especially during our 50th year. 

Thank you to all those who have been part of our history and celebration and thank you to those who will be part of our future. We cannot wait to see what we accomplish together over the next 50.  

-The GHACF Team