Each May, new community members are invited to join our Board of Trustees, which means we must also say farewell to those retiring from their service. This year, two amazing women have reached the end of their terms: Monica Verplank and Kim Zevalkink.

Monica, a former educator who’s served on many boards in our community, joined the Board in 2012. Her passion for mindfulness and whole-body wellness made her an integral voice on the grants committee, and her background in education guided her on the scholarship committee as well as on our Tri-Cities Area College Network Committee.

“It has been a true pleasure to serve on GHACF’s Board. I am humbled to have learned more about the many wonderful organizations serving our community—offering a hand up, an ear to listen, and innovative programs—to keep our community healthy and strong. Community foundation staff members and fellow trustees continue to impress me as they carefully navigate how we can best leverage philanthropic dollars from this generous community.” – Monica Verplank

Kim, a former elementary educator, joined the Board in 2014 and served on the grants and scholarship committees. Kim also serves on the Foundation’s Supporting Organization Board.  Her lifelong mission to volunteer and give back to her community has made her a valuable member of the board.

“We live in an incredible community that continually steps up to give. In addition, there is this synergy between the GHACF and our local non-profit community that is laying the groundwork for exciting future projects!” – Kim Zevalkink

We’re grateful for Monica and Kim’s years of service and wish them both well with their next philanthropic plans.

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