Gail Ringelberg has served on the board since 2014 and has been active on our Grants & Programs committee. “I’ve always been curious about people and different cultures,” Gail said. “It’s that curiosity that makes me ask lots of questions. I learned that there are different ways to solve the same problem so I try very hard to hear both sides of a story and find consensus.”

A self-described Air Force brat, Gail grew up across the US and Germany but ultimately chose to study Anthropology, Sociology, and Religion at Western Michigan University. That degree has served her well as former mayor and councilwoman for the City of Grand Haven, as well as board member for North Ottawa Community Hospital, Ottawa County Department of Health and Human Services, and as the Director of the Council on Aging. She also leads Rotary work trips to Honduras that address clean water and sanitation projects.

We are fortunate to have Gail’s leadership positively impacting the GHACF and will miss her when she retires from the board in May!