Our annual publication is now available! Our theme this year is For Impact, and we’re excited for this new way of thinking.

Our sector has always been identified as the “nonprofit” sector. The two others are the private (business) and public (government) sectors. Why are we the only sector that identifies itself by what we are not? True, we are not profit seeking, but well-functioning, high-performing nonprofits absolutely need to have a positive balance sheet.


No money, no mission, right?


The difference is that we invest our profits in our missions and communities, not owners or shareholders.


We’re on a mission to talk less about being a NON profit and more about being a FOR impact community organization.

Inside we highlight six grants from the past year, our YAC’s youth empowerment mission, countless new funds, and we even share how each team member at the GHACF gives back to the community.

If you didn’t receive one over the weekend, we have copies in the office. You can also  view it online or download a PDF.