The Grand Haven Area Community Foundation (GHACF) is pleased to announce six first-round Community Impact grant awards, totaling more than $215,000, in support of Northwest Ottawa County and our surrounding communities. This includes a $100,000 (over 4 years) grant to Tri-Cities Puentes Initiative (TCPI) to support its first part-time employee, an executive director, who will oversee daily operations, lead the organization’s strategic growth, and increase the organization’s impact throughout the community.  

“This grant will allow Tri-Cities Puentes Initiative to more effectively fulfill our mission and vision of building bridges of cultural understanding in our community, as well as grow and support our programs which will directly impact the Tri-Cities area on many levels,” said Rev. Dr. Jared Cramer, TCPI Co-Chair.  

TCPI’s programs include the Grand Haven Hispanic Heritage Fiesta, the LEADeres Lakeshore non-credit leadership lab for Latinx professionals, and the Lakeshore Latinas multi-racial affinity group. In 2021, the GHACF supported the expansion of the LEADeres leadership lab into Ottawa County with a $40,000 Community Impact grant. 

“TCPI is currently led by a volunteer board of directors and has proven success in the programs they offer our community,” said Holly Cole, GHACF Vice President of Grants and Programs. “We are excited for the opportunity to partner with TCPI as they build on this success and lay a foundation for long-term sustainability and growth,” she added.  

 We are thankful to the Grand Haven Area Community Foundation for this generous grant and their continued support, especially for programs of diversity, equity, and inclusion in our community, “said Reyna Masko, TCPI Co-Chair. 

Additional Community Impact Grants Include:

Ric VanWeelden Music Fund – Grand Haven Free Friday Nights ($25,000) 

The Ric VanWeelden Music Fund will use this grant to bring Grand Haven Free Friday Night Concerts to the Lynne Sherwood Waterfront Stadium throughout the summer of 2023. The goal is to promote “music everywhere, for everyone” and bring the arts, small businesses, for-impact partners and community members together while highlighting Michigan based talent.  

Tri-Cities Broadcasting Foundation – Broadcasting Equipment ($25,606) 

The Tri-Cities Broadcasting Foundation provides free 24-hour local public radio (WAWL) to the community and works to promote local musicians and events. This grant will be used to restore equipment and support continued operations following the impacts of COVID-19.   

Lakeshore Ethnic Diversity Alliance (LEDA) – Welcoming Ottawa ($10,000) 

This grant completes county-wide support of Gateway for Growth (G2G). The mission of Welcoming Ottawa is to build a welcoming infrastructure for Ottawa County where every person, including immigrants, can fully contribute and shape our shared prosperity.

West Michigan Symphony (WMS) – Link Up Beginner Music Education Program ($30,000 over three years) 

The WMS Link Up program is a free in-school beginner music program that provides children in grades 3-5 with a comprehensive, hands-on introduction to orchestral music. Throughout the year-long program, students learn to read music, play the recorder, identify orchestra instruments, meet professional musicians, and link the classroom to the concert hall when attending the culminating WMS Link Up concerts at the completion of the program.  This grant will allow the Link Up program to return to three concerts for the first time since 2019.  

City of Grand Haven – Community Energy Plan: Carbon Reduction Target and Strategies for the BLP Service Area ($25,000)  

The City of Grand Haven will use this grant to support the creation of a Community Energy Plan through a community energy planning consultant. The goals of this plan will be to develop strategies to ensure economic competitiveness, provide reliable and affordable energy, and help to protect the environment.