December 14, 2023 — Grand Haven, MI — The Grand Haven Area Community Foundation (GHACF) recently awarded 11 Community Impact Grants totaling $928,538, including one of its largest grants to date. In all, GHACF has awarded over $1.7 million in Community Impact Grants in 2023.

Through these grants, GHACF helps increase the capacity of local for-impact organizations by strategically investing in community programs that improve and advance the Northwest Ottawa County area. We connect people, support programs, and foster change in six key priority areas. Preliminary applications for 2024’s second grant round are due February 7 at

This quarter’s awards include a $425,000 grant to Tri-Cities Family YMCA (YMCA) for its capital improvement project. A previous campaign starting gift of $75,000 results in a total of $500,000 – the largest grant in our history. This milestone is also significant, as the YMCA was the recipient of one of GHACF’s first-ever grants in 1972.

“The Tri-Cities Family YMCA has been one of our longest partnerships in the community and was one of five organizations that each received a $200 grant in the GHACF’s first grant round. We have partnered together on many initiatives and have witnessed their growth and broad community support over the years. We are honored to be part of their current capital improvement project and look forward to what this will offer our community,” said Hadley Streng, President, GHACF.