Last month we announced that we were giving away three $500 mini-grants on Facebook, and 2400 likes later, we have the winners! While there were fewer entrants this time around, the online participation was higher than in the previous two rounds, with several photos getting over 500 likes.

Applicants submitted a photo and 200-word description of their organization’s project, then the public voted exclusively on Facebook. Submissions were open to any nonprofit and government entity who serves the Northwest Ottawa County region.


The Winners

Bluebird Cancer Retreats Mom of Children with Cancer weekend retreat

Bluebird Cancer Retreats has partnered with Bucs Pride and GHAPS to expand their mission to include a retreat for moms of children with cancer. The retreat will include a variety of therapy opportunities for our moms on retreat including an art therapy session, yoga, and massage. They hope to make this an annual offering for moms in our community.

Spring Lake Youth Wrestling Team for Pinning Down Autism wrestling meet

The Spring Lake Youth Wrestling Team is partnering with Autism Support of West Shore to host Pinning Down Autism, a wrestling meet that aims to raise awareness for Autism, the Autism Support of West Shore organization, and the importance of all sports to remain open and compassionate to every athlete. They hope this will become an annual event.

Fresh Water Beach Soccer for beach soccer opportunities in Grand Haven

Fresh Water Beach Soccer is committed to providing Fresh Water to those in need, while organizing Beach Soccer opportunities to youth in Grand Haven. They are constantly seeking ways to bring the sport to life here in our hometown and to use soccer as a platform to build genuine relationships while giving back to the community.

Thank you

Thank you to everyone who voted and shared the photos. We continue to be blown away by how many people participate, especially how many shares some of the photos had. While we could only give away three grants, you helped raise awareness for nine organizations who are dedicated to helping our community.

You can see all the entrants here: Facebook Mini-Grants Album – July 2017