Randy Hansen first joined the GHACF board in 2013 and took over as Chair in 2018. He’s served on the Investment and Executive Committees, putting his financial skills to work for the foundation. Most recently, he adeptly guided the foundation through the search for our new president. His presence during the interim, both in the boardroom and the office, and his unwavering support for the team were invaluable.

Born and raised in Scottville, Michigan — yes, he played in the Scottville Clown Band for three summers during college — Randy was a three-letter athlete in high school and graduated from Aquinas College in 1983 with a degree in Business and Economics.

“I’ve been fascinated with the financial world since high school. The great thing about what I do is it’s ever changing on a day to day basis.  It’s something new and different every day.” —Randy Hansen

During his senior year at Aquinas, he obtained an internship at a New York Stock Exchange firm in downtown Grand Rapids and was hired soon after graduation. He had many roles in that company and learned all the behind the scenes workings of a brokerage firm, then moved on to serve as Chief Financial Officer at a small firm in the suburbs. In 1995 he was offered a job with Centennial Securities Company, a much larger firm on the Southeast side of Grand Rapids, and, in 1999, became their president.

“I love helping people. Whether it’s planning for a financially stable retirement, fulfilling a charitable goal, or catching their first fish, it’s all very rewarding to me.” —Randy Hansen

Outside of work, Randy’s passion is the outdoors, and he enjoys sharing it with his family and friends. With a goal to hunt or fish in all fifty states, Randy has been able to cross thirty-seven states from that list — with many of the trips including his father, son, or friends. He also works with Pursuing a Dream, whose mission is to enable the disabled to enjoy the outdoors.

Thank you, Randy, for all you do for our community!

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