We are pleased to announce two internal promotions on the GHACF team.

Patty MacDonald has been promoted to Vice President of Finance and Administration. Patty joined the Foundation in March of 2014 as the Director of Finance and Administration. She oversees all financial activities including working with our investment advisor and external auditors; managing our budget and financial processes; and day-to-day processing of gifts and payables. Patty also is responsible for Human Resources and general office administration.

“It has been my great pleasure to do this work at GHACF for the past 5 years. I feel very fortunate for my relationships with community partners, community members, our donors, our truly outstanding Board of Trustees, and of course this awesome team that works hard every single day. It is an honor to be here and I look forward to the impact we can all make together for our region and beyond.” —Patty MacDonald, Vice President of Finance and Administration

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Holly Cole has been promoted to Vice President of Grants and Program. Joining the Foundation in June of 2017 as the Director of Grants and Program, Holly actively works with our community partners. She is responsible for the comprehensive competitive grants program and oversees the Foundation’s educational initiatives, including the Tri-Cities College Access Network (TCAN) and competitive scholarship program.

“It is a great honor to support our impactful community partners as they continue to strengthen the economic, social, and environmental fabric of our region. To partner with the Board of Trustees, team, and the larger community to further improve the livelihood of those within Northwest Ottawa County is an incredible privilege and I look forward to the opportunities we have ahead!” —Holly Cole, Vice President of Grants and Program.

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“The GHACF kicked off our newly approved strategic plan in January,” said Hadley Streng, President. “These organizational changes best align us to advance the three priorities to inspire philanthropy, manage investments, and impact community.”

Congratulations to Patty and Holly and thank you for your continued dedication to our team and our community.