You’ve heard the term “competitive grant,” but what exactly does that mean? In short, our competitive grants are grants that are awarded to area nonprofits, governmental entities, schools, etc. The nonprofit organization submits a proposal, which is then reviewed by our Grants & Program Committee and Board of Trustees, and they make the funding decisions. The grants are competitive in the sense that they are “competing” for our unrestricted grant dollars.

Here at the Grand Haven Area Community Foundation, we like to think of our grantmaking as responsive and impact driven. The process of applying for and being awarded a grant is certainly competitive and we can’t fund every great idea that comes our way. Our goal is to impact northwest Ottawa County by making strategic investments in programs and organizations that are working to improve and enhance the quality of life and promote a healthy, inclusive, and diverse community.

We want to be responsive to the current needs of our community, but we also want to get out in front of the future needs. We take pride in our ability to impact so many aspects of our community—some that are visible and some that are behind the scenes.

While the term competitive might be daunting, we want to assure our community partners that we are here every step of the way. Give us a call if you need a listening ear—we’re glad to be your partner in this important community work.