GHACF recently welcomed two new members to the Board of Trustees: Keith Konarska and Shirley Woodruff.

Keith Konarska is the former Superintendent for Grand Haven Area Public Schools (GHAPS). He and his family moved to Grand Haven in 1999 when he accepted the position of Assistant Superintendent for GHAPS and they’ve embraced this community as their home. He became Superintendent of GHAPS in 2005. For sixteen years, Keith worked with an exceptional team in support of over 6,000 students. Now that he’s retired, he works part-time consulting with school boards and superintendents throughout Southwest Michigan, working with 55 districts on policy and governance issues.

When they’re not spending time with family and traveling, Keith and his wife Patti serve as mentors in school programs to maintain the direct student contact they so enjoyed throughout their careers.

I’ve worked on many committees and advisory groups, and in all cases, I’ve walked away with a remarkable sense of pride in the many individuals who have given so much to allow our community to prosper. I am honored to help support the work of the Grand Haven Area Community Foundation. —Keith Konarska

Shirley Woodruff is a sixth-generation resident of Grand Haven, a Grand Haven High School graduate, and Grand Valley State University alumni. Her degree in Business Administration/Accounting has served her well in the family business—A. Reenders Sons, Inc.—which she bought with her two brothers in 1990 and formed Reenders, Inc. and Heritage Property Management, Inc. The business focuses on the development, finance, construction, management, and ownership of apartment communities and senior retirement and assisted living communities. While she has held various financial and managerial responsibilities over the years, her current role as Director of Development is primarily focused on new project development, investment analysis, and debt and equity placement. 

She has a long history working with housing and services in the Grand Haven community, ranging from subsidized and affordable housing to luxury living.

I look forward to being a member of the Board of Trustees of the Foundation as it continues to contribute to the well-being of our community and the people that call this home. —Shirley Woodruff

Please join us in welcoming Keith and Shirley to the board. You can view the full board and team on our Meet the Team page.