Each spring, our Governance Committee identifies and invites community members to serve on our Board of Trustees. It also means we must say farewell to those who have completed their service. This year, Sandy Huber and Mark Kleist have reached the end of their terms.

Sandy, a former special education consultant and principal at White Pines Middle School, joined the board in 2013. She chaired the Grants Committee, served on the Scholarship Committee, and her passion for education brought an invaluable perspective to the quarterly board meetings.

“We volunteer to make a positive difference within a population, to improve conditions in a particular location, or to implement projects for continuous progress in people’s lives. These are opportunities given to us as board members of the foundation. Working and collaborating with an excellent and professional foundation staff and other community members for six years certainly defined and shaped my personal growth and understanding—our Grand Haven Area Community Foundation empowers our community to be the best it can be.” – Sandy Huber

She plans to continue volunteering, specifically with groups that focus on youth and education. “As a volunteer, I can share information among community groups to help schools get the supplemental support they need.”

Mark, an attorney at Scholten Fant for over 30 years, also joined the board in 2013. A former board chair, he served on the Grants, Executive, Governance, and Audit Committees and his legal expertise added great depth to the GHACF board.

“Through many of life’s twists and turns, I’ve learned that helping others and trying to make our little corner of the world the best place it can be is personally satisfying and rewarding. That is how, after many other boards and committees, I ended up on the foundation board, which just may be the high point of my volunteerism.” – Mark Kleist

We’re grateful for Sandy and Mark’s years of service and wish them both well with their next philanthropic plans.


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