Every contribution to the Greatest Needs Fund—whether it’s $5 or $5,000—means one more program can increase self-esteem in young girls, or combat invasive species that threaten our trees, or help update zoning ordinances to allow more affordable housing to be built in our community.


Your contributions make a difference – right here in Northwest Ottawa County


As our community’s needs evolve, we remain committed to improving the quality of life for all, because we all benefit from a healthy and vibrant community.

Your gift to the Greatest Needs Fund makes this possible.

Below, we have stories of how gifts to this fund have benefitted our community. With your gift, we can continue to impact critical programs that support health and human services, arts and culture, diversity and inclusion, economic and community betterment, education, and the environment.


Mosaic Counseling, formerly TCM Counseling, offers hope and healing for all by providing accessible and affordable professional counseling services.

Their growth over the past 42 years led to Strong to Stronger: An Infrastructure Project, which aimed to research and implement a rebranding initiative, as well as a more secure and efficient IT system. Research determined the need for a more encompassing name that would allow further growth and reach more people who need their services. The research also noted utilizing technology that will provide greater IT security, capacity, and accessibility.

Mosaic Counseling is the only mental health provider in the Tri-Cities that provides services to individuals regardless of ability to pay or access to insurance.

One in ten children will be sexually abused before reaching adulthood, but extensive prevention efforts have lowered these numbers from previous generations, thanks in part to organizations like the Children’s Advocacy Center (CAC).

The Kidz Have Rights Evidence-Informed Updates expanded and updated the CAC’s Body Safety Training program to provide a comprehensive program for students from Kindergarten–4th grade.

Among the benefits, body safety trainings provide education on healthy and unhealthy relationships, help ensure that children feel physically safe at home and at school while teaching them how to get help if they feel unsafe, and show students how to identify signs and symptoms in their peers and help a friend or peer talk to a trusted adult to receive help.

The Musical Fountain has delighted locals and visitors alike for fifty-five years, but audio distortion and sound issues indicated the twenty-year old sound system was in desperate need of an upgrade.

Donations from the community, as well as our Greatest Needs Fund, allowed for reconstruction of the speaker houses (the enclosures containing the actual speakers) which includes new roofs, garage doors, and the concrete slabs on which the houses sit along the shore of the Grand River.


Your donation to the Greatest Needs Fund helped make each of these possible.

Your generous contribution to the Greatest Needs Fund allows us to invest in our community in a flexible and impactful way that addresses a broad range of critical needs, including future needs that cannot be anticipated.

We consider it our duty to raise awareness of critical issues facing our community, like providing education to students of all ages and preserving our natural resources. We work to connect you to the causes you care about, and we partner with local for-impact organizations to do the most good and positively impact our community.

Our future is what we envision and work together to achieve. Our legacy will be what we accomplish together. 

Thank you very much for your support. We ask you to please give generously.