With the advent of technology comes a multitude of ways to make our lives easier. From programmable ovens to cars that tell you what’s wrong with the touch of a button, there’s very little we can’t do electronically. But things aren’t always as easy as we’d like them to be.

On our website, we have a donor portal where fund holders can access their accounts and do everything from check their balance to grant money to nonprofit organizations. From time to time, we get calls or emails from people who need assistance with the portal, and we thought it’d be helpful to share the most commonly asked questions.

How do I access the donor portal?

Visit our website at ghacf.org. Click the PORTAL LOGIN in the upper left corner, then enter your user name and password. For mobile or tablets, click the three lines for the menu and choose PORTAL LOGIN from the drop down.

What information is available on the donor portal?

  • Access to 24/7 printable statements/fund activity
  • Donor giving history
  • Grant recommendations/requests
  • Grants paid history
  • Pending grants
  • Ability to update profile/contact information

I’m trying to log in and I don’t know my username/password. How can I reset?

Contact the foundation for your username and to verify the email address on file (to ensure password resets are going to the correct inbox). Then, select forgotten password from the login screen.

How do I view my statement?

Go to Manage Account. On the bottom right, click Printable Fund Statement > Select Your Fund > Date Range > View Report. If you’d like to download and print your fund statement, select the arrow down next to the image of the disc for Save options. If the disc does not appear, try using alternative browser (suggested: Chrome).

I work for an organization and need access to our fund and activity. / I’m trying to sign up or log onto the portal. / Where do I register/get my user name and password? 

The foundation must create online profiles for organizations at the time the fund is set up. Each organization will get one login to share with their appropriate staff/board members. If you did not receive a login when your fund was established or the portal was launched, please contact the foundation to get an online account set up.

NOTE: If you’re having difficulty accessing the donor portal, you may need to update your operating system.

If you have any other questions about the donor portal, please call or email Rebecca at 616-842-6378, or rnash@ghacf.org.