Diversity & Inclusion

A Grantmaking Priority

We stand together with communities of color and remain committed to empowering the inherent worth and dignity of all. Diversity, equity, and inclusion are important values of the Foundation and one of our Community Impact grant priority areas. We believe that a community’s effectiveness is enhanced when individuals with diverse backgrounds and perspectives are engaged throughout the community.

Over the past few years, we’re proud to have supported Ottawa County partners who are advancing the following projects in our community:

  • Lakeshore Ethnic Diversity Alliance (competitive grantmaking, GHACF staff and board training, annual summit sponsor)
  • Ottawa County Administrator’s Office ($234,507 over five years to establish the new Diversity & Inclusion office)
  • Northwest Ottawa Chamber Foundation (Lakeshore Youth Leadership Connections)
  • Lighthouse Immigrant Advocates (Legal Outreach Program)

In addition, the Grand Haven Area Community Foundation has strategically and purposefully partnered with the Lakeshore Ethnic Diversity Alliance through a series of grants totaling over $25,000 to further educate our staff and board in understanding the role and impact of implicit bias in ourselves and our community, and also provide our local, for-impact partners access to critical education regarding racial equity.

We give priority to projects that:

  • Address equity, diversity, and inclusion within the community
  • Involve and empower the inherent worth and dignity of all people
  • Promote and sustain a sense of belonging within the community

If your project aligns with the above grantmaking goals, we'd love to hear about it!

Holly Cole

For questions about the grant portal or our grantmaking process and guidelines, contact our Vice President of Grants & Program, Holly Cole.

Grantmaking Priorities

It is our mission to enhance the quality of life for everyone living in our community. We consider grants that will support a healthy, diverse, inclusive, and collaborative community, and that fit our grantmaking priorities. Diversity and inclusion is just one of our six grantmaking priorities. Click below to learn more about each of our individual priorities!

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