Imagine if you had up to $1000

How can you create an inclusive school community and celebrate differences?
(Think teachers, other classrooms, support staff, departments, etc.)

›› What is your idea?​

›› How will you make your idea happen?

›› How much would it cost? How do you plan on spending the money if you are awarded?

›› How are you inspired by the idea of inclusivity?

›› How will this inspire others to be inclusive?

›› Will this make lasting change? If so, how?

Guiding Questions & Thoughts

  • Can my words and attitudes influence the classroom climate?
  • What can I do and say that helps other people feel respected and heard?
  • Who are the helpers in my community who build a peaceful and inclusive climate?
  • What is required to show respect for someone different?

Free Resources to Guide Students

For questions about Spark Tank, contact our Vice President of Grants & Program, Holly Cole.