Giving a gift to the Community Foundation in memory of a loved one is a way to support your community and pay respect to the life of a special person.


Kenneth Achterhof

Marjorie Anderson

Donald Anderson

E. Paul Babcock

Doug Baker

Carol Bedient

Phyllis Beukema

Judy Bielema

Ken and Nettie Bol

Majorie Boon

Walter Bright

Margaret Bright

Frederick Brown

Greg Bush

Jack and Libby Bush

John Carlyle

William Chmelko

Mary Jo Correll

Mrs. Darrell Crose

Alex Crum

Elizabeth Curtis

Kenneth DeWitt

Ray Dull

Gordon Duram

Fred Dye

Nancy Dykehouse

Kevin Ernst

Robert Erskin

Bertha Fase

Cindy Gerlach

Jack Hoebeke

Larry Holtrop

Richard Huff

Charles & Peggy Jacobson

Dale Janke

Ted John

Grandma Jonas

Mikel Allen Kelley

Thomas Kelso

Gayla Kemink

Ronny Kemink

Dorothy Klintworth

Merlin Knispel

Albert and Doris Knuth

Paul Laninga

Leo and Bernadine Lietzke

Roy Lindberg

Shelley Jo Locey

Ben MacNeill

Blair Mandryk

Almon and Jean McCall

Mary McGinnis

James Milas

Margie Miller

Howard and Ava Nash

Millie Pfeiffer

Judge Jacob & Betty Ponstein

Jane Poort

Duane Posson

Dick Race

Ken Ranta

Jan Rempinski

Eugene Rothi

Charles Ruiter

Dorothy Scholtz

Agape Shibley

Pete Smith

R. Neal Stanton

Ray Statema

Robert Swart

Wayne Van Agtmael

Fred VanBemmelen

Roger and Lois Vander Meulen

Delores VanDongen

Gary Verplank

Judith Waanders

Thomas Wagasky

Vonda Walma

Jean Weirts

Robert Whitney

Merlin Willey Jr.

Phil Yedinak

Mary Zitta

Ron Zoet


Giving a gift to the Community Foundation as a tribute to a special person is a generous and thoughtful gift.


Kevin Anderson

Adalynn Andry

Armock Family

Charles Bassett

Shelley Brocci

William Bryson

Andy Cawthon

Dean and Rob Enell

Quincy Ferris

Scott Fredricks

Jim Gentry

Valerie Guttowsky

Han He and Jie Liang He

Carter & Sam Hughes

India Jensen

Roger Jonas

Sam, Addison, Chelsea, Clara, and Imogen LaDronka

Jill Landman

Edna McCarthy

Bob Mersereau

Donald Moss

Andrew Nagel

Christopher O’Brien

William Patrick

Jane Pennington

Justin Raha

Nancy Rhem

David Seaver

Luca and Lily Sisk

Mike & Cathy Smith

Julie Stephenson

Sterenberg Family

Dee Stokes

William and Jackson Tejchma

The Jacobson Family

John Tighe

Michael VanSchelven

Monica Verplank

Jakie Vorholzer

Carson Wagasky

Drew Warner

David Wood