Lauren Coleman

Marketing & Communications Director

Marketing & Communications Director

What that means

I help GHACF tell the story of their impact, through digital and print newsletters, reports, social media and our website.

Education & Experience

I am a Michigan State Spartan who majored in Journalism and Political Science. I then moved to Washington, D.C., where I worked in two Congressional offices, then PR firms. I started working remotely in 2017 for various clients when I moved to the other Washington (State), so I’ve lived on both coasts.

I’ve worked on many aspects of Marketing and Communications, from in-house for Fortune 500 companies to consulting for local businesses. My specialty is Digital and Emerging forms of marketing and communications – I love the challenge of learning new ways storytelling is evolving.

How long with GHACF

I started in October 2023.

Why do you work at the GHACF

I’m personally driven by the ability to have an impact. The opportunity to positively contribute to the legacy of a community, in the way GHACF does this now and plans to for the future, matches my “why.”

Leisure activity or hobby

I am a big reader and podcast listener, let’s discuss and trade recommendations. I also like to garden, paint, sew, and try other crafts, particularly those that involve neon or glitter.

Bonus Fact

I’ve camped in 30 National Parks – and counting!